KickStart Your Weight Loss

A Step-By-Step System to Help You Start Intelligently Lose Weight, Sleep Smarter, and Eat Healthier—Stress Free and Without Giving Up All Your Favorite Foods.

I Want to Transform My Body & Life

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Do you want to improve your health and well-being, but can't seem to make your healthy habits stick?

Are you feeling overwhelmed and not sure how to make fitness fit into your desired lifestyle?

Is you sleep, exercise habits, & food choices lacking?

Trust me, I get it! Thriving with our health and fitness while staying on top of our personal and professional lives is tough!

Maybe you don't have enough time. Maybe you lack confidence. Maybe you don't have the proper support and accountability. Maybe the task and even just the idea of transforming your health, body, and life seems overly daunting.

Next thing you know, there's so much going on that you let fitness get placed on the back burner.


It's not the lack of information or a desire to become healthier that's stopping you—it's the lack of a proven and sustainable system that not only helps with your fitness goals, but most importantly, complements and fits in perfectly with your desired lifestyle that is the missing key.

Enter KickStart Your Weight Loss

It's not easy to transform your life, body, and health, but it's far from being impossible.

How could your life change if your started on the path toward losing those 10 pounds that you've been wanting to lose? What about 20 pounds? What about 30 pounds?

Stepping away from just the external benefits, imagine being able to walk into any room without any hesitation and fear.

Instead of avoiding your reflection at all costs & comparing yourself to other people, imagine looking at yourself with pride and displaying a big wide smile while loving the person that you've become (both inside & outside).

Imagine getting off those medications and not hearing those not-so good reports from the doctor.

Think about the work you could create when you’re at your healthiest (it's pretty damn tough to run a business when your energy is running on fumes). Think about the example of change you’ll be to everyone around you who desires to experience a breakthrough themselves.


Isn't your health worth your time, prioritization, and investment in YOURSELF?

This is why I created KickStart Your Weight Loss. Thanks to this course, you can now learn how to start intelligently losing weight, sleeping smarter, and eating healthier (stress free and without giving up all your favorite foods).

This course is for you if you want:

  • To learn how to lose weight in a sustainable manner—stress free
  • To improve the quality and quantity of your sleep
  • To learn how to eat well, no matter where you are (and it's easy)
  • To start feeling and looking better than you did 10 years ago
  • To feel like a badass and have a renewed sense of confidence
  • To make fitness simple and not another burdensome task

"Julian helped with my obsessive dieting and with my mental struggles with food. I’ve really fallen in love with myself and have a newfound confidence. I feel I’m coming onto something great in my life."

Cortney, Founder, Thursday Thrive

"Julian has made fitness accessible for me, and that's something I wasn't convinced was possible. I have a busy life filled with lots of travel, and he has creatd a plan that I've been able to incorporate seamlessly. I'm stronger than I've ever been in life, and I cannot recommend Julian's program highly enough!""

Belinda, Songwriter & Founder, Belinda Smith Creative

How exactly does KickStart Your Weight Loss work?

It's organized into 3 components:

  1. Eat
  2. Sleep
  3. Exercise

These three areas address the critical components to establishing a solid and effective foundation with your health. This course is about putting smart, simple habits into your busy lifestyle over the next 30 days. Just as building a house starts with a foundation and then builds up from there—this is how your fitness will be approached here.

We're going to build healthy habits into your life—slowly and intelligently. We're going to adhere to the 1% philosophy. Each day, our mission is to improve by only 1%. This ensures that the change is sustainable over the long-haul and won't lead you to pulling a 180 in your lifestyle.

Slow and steady isn't sexy compared to some other gimmicky fitness plans, but this approach will fail-proof your fitness for future success down the road. No magic bullets or hocus-pocus tactics are required for success in fitness. It comes down to simple math, not magic.


Long Term Success With Your Health =

Time (Patience) + Repetition + Consistency

This simple equation is the backbone to the curriculum and the philosophy of the course. Show up every day, do the work, and trust the process.

In this course, you'll be presented with daily lessons that will help you lose weight intelligently, sleep smarter, and eat healthier. After each daily lesson, there will be 3 small objectives for the day that specifically address improving your sleep, exercise, and nutritional habits.

In addition to the daily lessons, you'll be provided with a monthly workout plan (bodyweight available as well) and a nutritional template to kickstart your health and well-being (along with dropping some pounds as a side-effect).

Each day, you'll go through the exercises yourself, and gain a sense of clarity and confidence that comes from being disciplined and in control of your life and health. No more throwing darts at the board and hoping that something will finally stick with your fitness.

Exactly what does KickStart Your Weight Loss include?

Kick Start Your Weight Loss is a multimedia, on-demand course, that includes the following:

  • Daily videos that provide an overview of that day's lesson along with an explanation of why it's important.
  • Ready-to-use worksheets and templates that you can fill out as we move through the course to further reinforce your new habits and new behaviors while removing your invisible scripts—plus adding another form of accountability.
  • Monthly workout + nutritional programs that will mesh flawlessly with your daily lessons and kickstart your fitness into high gear.
  • Free Bonus: Facebook Community and Accountability – You'll be part of a private FB community where you can ask questions and be held accountable (we're stronger together). What stands between you and what you want to accomplish? The right people? Support that uplifts you? The KickStart Your Weight Loss community will be there to offer support and accountability along your health journey.

Your Instructor

Julian Hayes II
Julian Hayes II

Julian Hayes II is a Health & Fitness Consultant, Nationally & Internationally Published Author, and Speaker operating at the nexus of creativity, health, and business who believes everybody can create the body they desire while living a rich life—stress free and without losing their identity in the process.

His work has been featured and seen in Inc., Entrepreneur, Success, Fox News,, MindBodyGreen, and The Huffington Post to name a few along with making television appearances in Nashville.

He's on a mission to help & inspire one million men and women to integrate health & wellness into their ideal (and often times busy) lifestyle by 2027 at This mission will be carried out through helping men and women change their behaviors & habits, intelligently use technology to their advantage, eat in a way that satisfies their palate while supporting their goals and intelligently implementing a form of exercise that suits their particular likes & lifestyle.

Class Curriculum

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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish (though it's advised to go along live with the group).
Can I go through the course on my own schedule? What if I fall behind?
Don't worry—after enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own. I will probably add additional materials in the future which you will also have unlimited access to.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund. Just show that you've done the work & assignments—no questions asked.
Can I view the course material on my phone or tablet?
Yes! The course is completely responsive and will work on any mobile device you choose. You can put your tablet or phone right next to your computer to view the material while you work on the computer, or review lessons on-the-go.
Do I have to be online to access the material?
Unfortunately, yes. You will need an internet connection to access the material as the videos are not downloadable.
What if I don't even have good health habits?
You do not need to have perfect healthy habits to join KickStart Your Weight Loss. We’ll show you exactly how to dig into your own mindset and start automating those healthier habits into your preferred lifestyle.
How is KickStart Your Weight Loss different from other courses on the market?
It is the only course that covers the entire process to launching a healthy lifestyle from ground zero and developing it into a consistent practice through intentional and strategic action steps. You'll get a no B.S. & no fluff framework for conquering your own psychology, and ongoing support — all included in the course and yours FOR LIFE.
How do I know if I'm ready (or if this is even for me)?
Age, lifestyle, or "busyness" makes no difference. You’ve seen the details of the course on this page. And you may have read my material for various major publications, or seen me on TV. You have enough information to decide. Now it’s up to you. I encourage you to look inside and decide if this is right for you. It’s natural to have doubts. We all do — the invisible scripts around starting something new are tough, and they often hold us stagnant for years. If KickStart Your Weight Loss truly isn’t for you, don’t join. We’ll part as friends with no hard feelings, and I’ll continue sending you my free emails. But if you’re ready to break the invisible barriers that are stopping you from achieving your best body, let go of old beliefs, and excuses, KickStart Your Weight Loss can help.
When can I expect to lose all my weight?
I can’t promise you specific weight loss results in a specific timeframe. Nobody can. And you shouldn’t trust anyone who does. Here’s why: We all begin at different levels of experience and mindsets. We all have different lifestyles and circumstances along with varying levels of hormones. It would make no sense to promise “one size fits all” results just to get you to buy this course (and like me). In fact, I’m going to be honest and tell you that transforming your body and life isn't a piece of cake, which is why I added lifetime access. But, If you’re consistent, methodical, and follow the action steps, you will see results.
I need to lose weight fast. Will this help?
No, and please don't join KickStart Your Weight Loss. I'm not looking for people who want instant gratification. While this course will have a huge impact in your life, it doesn't provide a magic bullet or quick fix to losing weight. This course is about establishing healthy habits that put you in a position to succeed long after 30 days.
What if I'm lazy and unmotivated?
There's a myth that if it didn't work the previous times, then you just need to "work harder" or "use your willpower". Both of those are false and likely why you have fallen short with your fitness goals. You don't need to be ultra-militant to succeed in fitness. In fact, it's better if you take a slow and steady, step-by-step process and intelligently build fitness habits into your daily life.
How does this course work?
The KickStart Your Weight Loss is an online 30-day video course. Each day, there is a lesson about how to eat healthier, sleep smarter, and intelligently add some more movement into your life. These daily lessons are short and to the point. In addition to the videos, a monthly workout plan + nutritional guide will be accompanying every student. Don't worry about falling behind. You have lifetime access and can always repeat the course if something comes up.
Do you have a payment plan?
Yes, we do.

A letter from Julian Hayes II

Author, Health & Fitness Consultant

In today's world, we're busier and more distracted than ever.

In today's world, we have more information at our fingertips than we've ever had.

Yet, many of us (myself included at one point) can't find a way to make a healthy lifestyle a consistent part of our lives. For many, attempting to live a healthier life morphs into a battle between fitness and your normal day-to-day life.

And we all know which one eventually wins.

But, it doesn't have to be this way.

Meshing your preferred lifestyle while becoming a healthier and hotter version of yourself is possible. In fact, I believe everyone can create the body they desire while living a rich life—stress free and without losing their identity in the process.

The most important habit to achieve that reality is to create an environment that not only leads you towards your fitness goals, but more importantly, creates a roadmap to success without causing an upheaval in your everyday life.

The number one reason people fall short with their fitness goals is a lack of sustainability and lack of a long-term vision.

How do I know this?

Because this was me for the longest of times. I'm doing good for a few weeks and then my habits fall apart because it wasn't sustainable. As a student of health, nutrition, and fitness for over ten years, I've learned a lot of lessons.

One of the biggest lessons was that slow & steady always wins the race. And that's why I created KickStart Your Weight Loss.

You don't have to let fitness rule your life in order to get some results. You can still live a rich life and go out on dates, eat delicious foods, and enjoy your social gatherings.

My goal for this course is to release your worries, fears, confusion, and doubts you may have about creating a body you love while living a life you love. This course will provide the necessary roadmap to integrating yourself into the world of health and fitness.

Starting from day one, I promise that if you follow these strategies, you'll be on your way to becoming the architect of your own body—stress free and without losing your identity in the process.

It's time to rise up, reclaim your life, and build the body you desire.

If not now, then when?

I look forward to helping you transform your body and life.

stay awesome,

Julian Hayes II, Founder of The Art of Fitness & Life

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